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Unplanned bucket list adventure to see LAVA!!!


Life bucket list item – COMPLETE

I’ve missed too many opportunities to chase my volcano dreams due to work and a busy schedule. Plus Sam isn’t really into it and I don’t want to force him to be into it but I hate traveling without him. (I’m the most incompetent traveler FYI.)

But when I found out that Kileaua erupted on Thursday, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I bought a plane ticket on Friday and arrived with the sole mission of seeing my volcano on Saturday. I mean, even though June will be the CRAZIEST travel itinerary of my life, I also only have one life, and if I die before seeing active lava, it will be a forever regret.


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Friday morning I called Jackelyn to see if she wanted to come on this random adventure with me. She was like umm excuse me what? You crazy. I was like yeah, I am, but wanna come??

She agreed.

24 hours later, we met on Big Island and saw one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen. Glowing orange fountains spewed with fury under a glittering diamond-studded sky. I had never seen anything like it. I was giddy, humbled and complete all at once. And to experience this bucket list item with my little sister all on a whim…ah…I just feel so lucky, so grateful.


Growing up, whenever my parents took me to the library I always checked out National Geographic videotapes. I specifically remember one episode where the scientist walked right up to the lava and I thought to myself, “One day I want to do that too.” There was just something so mysterious and powerful about that orange glow.

Elementary school Cassey put “seeing lava” on her life bucket list not knowing how or when or where this would happen. But I’m so happy to report that last night adult Cassey fulfilled that wish.

I encourage you all to stop waiting to do the thing.

JUST DO THE THING. We only have one life. So go live it, and live it passionately.


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