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This design isn’t for everyone…


Hey guys!

This really isn’t for everyone. But I’m not trying to design one thing for everyone. I’m trying to design different options for different bodies and different preferences.

Leggings with a skirt

To be completely honest, I had a really challenging time with the design. But I know how important it is to have modest activewear options for you! The challenge was worth it.

It actually took 11 months and 19 days from the time I sketched this to be able to arrive at today’s release. Look, EVEN I thought all I had to do was plop my twirl skort pattern on top of my legging pattern and be done. But no. When I did that, it was looking dowdy and just so UN-POPFLEX.

It took time to adjust the skirt ever so slightly to make it still twirl but not overwhelm. Shortening the waistband height, removing some extra fabric, and adding a higher curve to the sides is what helped create the right effect in the final product!


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Crisscross Hourglass® Sklegging

I’m learning as I go about modest fashion design

Thank you for challenging me to push past my boundaries as a designer.

As someone who personally does not dress modestly, I actually liked being pushed to create something that could not rely too heavily on showing skin to be cute. It challenged me creatively, and that, I’m always up for because it forces me to expand my mind.

I’m wearing the POPFLEX Sklegging in size small. This is a 27” inseam and I’m 5’5”. Since it’s an experimental design, I didn’t create different inseams just yet. I need to assess what you guys think about leggings with a skirt before I head in any deeper.

Anyway, I hope you love! And if you don’t, that’s fine too bc the original skort with shorts under still exists! You can shop the Crisscross Hourglass Twirl Skort here!

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