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The 20-Day No Abs Left Behind Challenge!


Hey guys!

How are you feeling after last month’s detox challenge?! We’ve been digging deep into whole health this year, eliminating the things that don’t serve us and getting more of the things that DO.

Personally, these challenges have been much needed reminders to check in with myself these past few crazy months, and hopefully they’ve done the same for you!

Now, I’m feeling ready to get back to the thing we love doing together most: FITNESS!

We’re jumping right in, and lighting up those ABS

The No Abs Left Behind Challenge

Basically, this is an ab “layering” challenge. We’ll focus on one area of ab muscles the first week, and then layer on another area the second week. Then another the third week! When we get to the fourth week, we’ll have a full workout to target ALL of the abdominals.

Yes, it’s gonna burn a little. But a strong core is EVERYTHING. Ready to see the plan?!

Download JPEG

How to crush this ab challenge

What does “layering” mean? We start the challenge with just one move per day, and add a new move each week.

Are there rest days? There are 5 days of workouts per week! Space these out however you need, and make sure to give yourself at least one day per week to REST.

Should I add this to my other workouts? You can focus on this challenge on it’s own, or layer it with the April Workout Calendar.

The Roll Up!

Some tips!

Remember that spot training isn’t a thing! These moves WILL strengthen your abs, which is the goal! But seeing a 6-pack takes a lot of time and other factors like nutrition.
Be mindful about form – pull your bellybutton in, press your low back into the ground for moves on your back, and keep your head and neck neutral. Slow and controlled is key!
If you feel any neck pain or other discomfort, feel free to modify as needed.


Let’s motivate each other!

Keep an eye out on Blogilates.com to dig deeper into your fitness goals!

Follow @blogilatesdotcom on IG and tag #NoAbsLeftBehind to cheer each other on!

Our 20-day ab challenge starts Monday, April 3!

Mark your calendars, print the challenge graphic, and get excited!!! Our 10-day detox starts April 3! If you can’t start Monday, that’s okay too! You can do this challenge on your schedule, or even repeat if needed.

Comment below letting me know if you’re IN!


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