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The 100,000 Step Challenge!!


Hey guys!

Were you getting a little worried that I’d forgotten about our July Challenge? I haven’t exactly been in ‘challenge mode’ while in Bali (quite the opposite tbh), but I do have something for us! You can start now or whenever you’re ready! This one is short but sweet . Ready to see what it is?!

The 100,000 Step Challenge!

The short explanation: We’re going to walk 100,000 steps in 14 days!

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Don’t panic.

This is actually soo doable, especially with a plan! We’ll start Day 1 with 4,000 steps – easy! Then each day, we’ll slowly build our step goal until Day 14, when we hit 10,000 steps.

In the end, you’ll total 100,000 steps in 14 days! You can do this!

Two ways to go about this step challenge

1. Track ALL of your steps for the day.

If you sit a lot for work or need a little kick to get back on track with your Hot Girl Walks, set these goals as your total step count for the day. Even 4,000 steps might not seem like a lot, but I surprise myself sometimes with how low my step count can be if I’m not thinking about it…especially those long days of meetings!


2. Challenge yourself outside of your “normal daily movement.”

Let’s say your step count is already pretty high because you walk a lot at work. You can use this challenge to get EXTRA steps outside of your usual daily activity!

Tips to get those steps in

This challenge might be my favorite so far this year because walking has been a huge part of my fitness so in 2023. The business is keeping me super busy (in the best way) and it’s leaving me with less time and energy for crazy workouts. I fought it at first, but then I settled in and focused on moving my body in a way that felt good – that’s been walking!

I’m obsessed with walking on my treadmill while I work right now because I love seeing how many steps I can get in while I’m also being productive! I feel better mentally and my body feels a lot better than if I were to sit at my computer all day.

Amazon has a ton of options for a super simple walking treadmill but of course, the beauty of walking is that you can do it anywhere! It’s summer which means getting outside to chip away at that step goal is easier. If you live where it’s super hot go early and pleaseee hydrate though!

Recruit a friend! 

Go on a walk with a friend, or chat on the phone while you walk! The time will pass soooo quickly.

Get sucked into a good podcast 

This is my fav way to walk! I could walk for HOURS when I’m really into a podcast. Here are some recs if you need! If you’re more of a music person, set yourself up with something fun like this Y2K Playlist!

If thousands of steps at once feels intimidating, just get small chunks in throughout the day! You won’t believe how quickly a few 10 min walks add up!

Ready to get 100,000?!

You’re going to feel so amazing when you get to Day 14!! Once you crush this, think about another intimidating goal you have that you can break up into smaller, bite-sized goals. This is how you make BIG moves!!

Okay now let me know if you’re IN!!

Comment below!!!

Oh and post your 100,000 Step Challenge progress on IG and tag me @blogilates and @blogilatesdotcom!!! I wanna see Hot Girl Walk selfies and your step counts!! I need you to motivate me as I transition out of vacay mode!


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