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The 100 Arms Challenge!! Are You In?!


Hey guys!

Last month, we did a lil’ poll over on the @blogilatesdotcom IG asking what you’d love to see for upcoming challenges. An arms-focused challenge was the most requested, by a landslide!

Well… ask and you shall receive

Get ready for the 100 Arms Challenge!

If you’ve done one of my ‘100 Challenges’ before, you know how this works. 100 reps of a new move, every day. And we’re going for the entire month of June!

Yeah…those arms are gonna feel it but TRUST ME and stick with it! They will feel soo strong by the end of the month! You’ll be ready to haul your overpacked suitcase around on your next vacay, carry all of your groceries inside in one trip, and show off your muscles in your favorite tank.

Are you excited? I’m excited!

Follow the 100 Arms Challenge in the app!

You can follow this challenge in the BODY By Blogilates app too, which is totally free btw! After you download the app, go to Workouts at the bottom of the screen, and then Challenges at the top! That’s where you’ll find the 100 Abs Challenge.

After you start the challenge, the app guides you through every move and tracks your progress. And marking each day complete is SO SATISFYING.

Get the App

Comment here that you’re IN!

Get those arms ready and let’s cheer each other on!

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