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Putting the Superbra™ to the Ultimate Test!


Hey guys!

Back in 2021, I asked you to fill out a survery to help me design “The Ultimate Sports Bra.” I had never designed a high-impact sports bra before, and well…I’m personally only working with A cups . So I needed you to tell me your sports bra woes and must-haves!

Over 22,000 responses later (What?!), I had a vision to meet your needs. The challenge was to give you support and comfort, but make it cute! High-impact sports bras are always so BLEH, and you deserve better than that.

The Superbra was born

After lots of brainstorming, testing, and rethinking, we landed on the design that felt right. And the Superbra was born!

Let’s put the Superbra to the test

Now for the fun part. Let’s put the Superbra on several women with different body types and bust sizes to test for comfort, adjustability, and just overall look!

And then…let’s BOUNCE. Gotta test that support, right?!



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The reviews are in

The design process never ends! Your feedback determines any changes we make before restocking a product, and how we work on future designs.

Here are a few reviews for the Superbra.

Ariel, Try-On Crew


Size: L
Bra Size: 36DD
Bust: 40.75″
Waist: 34″

Ariel says, “This bra is EVERYTHING! I do a lot of high-impact exercises and this bra is PERFECT for them! The girls are good and not going anywhere.” 

YESSSS I’m so glad this is helping you feel secure! This is everything!


Anna, Try-On Crew


Size: XS
Bra Size: 32B
Bust: 30.75″
Waist: 26.5″

From Anna! “This bra is great! I feel very secure and supported. I love how there are a lot of rows of hooks and eyes so you can really adjust for your comfort. Ready to go for a run in this one!”

The adjustability was soooo important! Report back after your run!!

Evelyn, Try-On Crew


Size: 2x
Bra Size: 42D
Bust: 47″
Waist: 43″

Evelyn says, “New favorite bra!!! I usually struggle finding supportive sport bras in my size that aren’t just black or grey. I’m soooooo happy to finally have one in this gorgeous color! The fabric is soft and the mesh isn’t irritating at all! The band has 4 rows of clasps and adjustable straps which helps to get the perfect fit and security!” 

YOU LOOK AMAZING! And yes omg no more ugly sports bras!

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Hopefully this helps!

Your feedback means so much to me! Do these try-ons help with figuring out which size to get?!

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