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Meet The Superdress! A Dress Designed for Women’s Bodies


Hey guys!

I truly believe that women’s clothing has to be designed in a way that moves WITH our bodies, not against it. I’m sick of dresses that restrict me!

Like can’t I pick up something I dropped without worrying if my underwear is showing? Can’t I not have to cross my legs bc I’m afraid of someone is going to look up my skirt? I’m tired of it.

I feel like I’ve got work to do outside the activewear space too if I’m going to make a real change in women’s clothing…

Anyway, I want to share with you my latest POPFLEX workout dress design.

The POPFLEX Tiebreaker Superdress!


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I’m playing with a brand new silhouette and fabric

And omg I’m loooove how sleek it turned out. Here’s what’s up:

anti- shorts with no front seam
pockets cuz duh
stretchy lightweight fabric bc breathing and eating are v important
thick, adjustable straps bc comfort and all our torsos are diff
square neckline bc Bridgerton boobs obvs
waist snatching panel cuz always
slit bc it’s cute but also helps with leg movement
longer skirt in the back for booty coverage

I’m also trying a new pattern that’s a bit less twirly so that it gives more of a simplistic elegance. I love the sleek lines so much.

Let’s talk sizing

I’m 5’5”, normally a small, wearing an XS HOWEVER I think you should get your normal size. I am very very particular when it comes to dresses. I size down in dresses for all brands bc I like the extra snatch it gives my waist and the extra lift it gives my boobs, but I think you’ll be safer in your normal size! Also one more thing!

If you plan on getting black, size up from your normal size! The black dye made the fabric a tad less stretchy so you’ll want to account for that.

Shop The Superdress!

The Superdress is on popflexactive.com in 4 colors: Black, Terracotta, Peppercorn, and Cloudy Blue.

Which is calling your name?


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