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It’s Not Too Late to Shop These Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Is it just me, or does Father’s Day sneak up on us every year?

The fathers in my life (my dad, FIL, and husband) never ask for anything but deserve everything. So, every year I have big plans to really spoil them. And every year I’m like…omg that’s NEXT WEEK?!

Luckily, I’m a little ahead of the game this year. But shipping deadlines are coming up quick! If you’re like me and shopping last minute for the person who is often super difficult to shop for, no worries. I have some ideas that will not only show appreciation but might even move you to the “favorite child” spot (jk I know parents don’t choose favorites ).

Replace his old, ugly koozie

Image: BruMate


BruMate Hopsulator Duo

The BruMate Hopsulator not only looks way better than the peeling foam koozie he always grabs now, but it will actually keep his drink cold.

This can-cooler fits any 12-ounce can, meaning it works even if it’s not beer he grabs after mowing the lawn. Plus it functions as a tumbler with a leakproof lid if he’d rather pour a beverage.


Upgrade his cooler

Image: Igloo

IGLOO Trailmate Journey 70 Qt Cooler

If your dad is like mine, he’s had the same cooler since the 80s. There’s nothing wrong with that (things were made better back then), but it might be time for an upgrade.

The IGLOO Trailmate is perfect for the dad who loves to camp, fish, or spend weekends at kids’ outdoor sporting events. It’s big enough to hold all of the necessities, whether that means water, beer, or snacks. But this cooler’s flex is in the details:

2 pole slots for umbrellas or fishing poles
Tie-down hooks to carry things like beach towels
Interior basket that keeps selected items dry
Removable butler tray
Lockable, water-resistant compartment

Add tunes to his golf game

Image: Amazon

Shop JBL Clip 3

This little speaker is great to keep in a golf bag, take on a fishing trip, or for the beach. I love that it has a clip so it doesn’t get lost. Plus it’s waterproof, durable, and has great sound.

For the sentimental dad

Image: Wonderbly

Wonderbly Book of Dad

If you’re looking to tug on his heartstrings, go for one of these customizable books. This is probably the best personal Father’s Day gift idea! Add photos, tidbits about his life, inside jokes, and all of the reasons you love him.

The ultimate recovery tool

Image: Amazon

Theragun Mini 2.0

This one’s for the dad who spends time in the gym or finds himself with tight muscles after a long day in the yard. The Theragun is an amazing tool for working out knots and tension. Plus this newest version is the lightest and smallest, meaning it’s the easiest to pack for on-the-go.

A “punny” grilling tool

Image: OTOTO

OTOTO Hell Done Thermometer

New grilling tools are always a win for dad. The Hell Done food thermometer by OTOTO is fun and unique, but also practical.

(Cool) dad shoes

Image: New Balance

New Balance 5740 Sneakers

I bought my husband a pair of New Balance 608s (AKA the classic “dad shoe”) for Father’s Day a few years back. He’s been mowing the grass in them ever since! They’re beautifully stained with grass, just as they should be.

But dad shoes aren’t just for yard work. This upgraded New Balance shoe is chunky and gives dad vibes, but is also stylish.

Shorts that aren’t falling apart

Image: Vuori

Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts

Dads are notorious for holding onto clothing items until they fall apart. If his favorite shorts are nearing the end of life, get him a new favorite before he tries to salvage the others any longer.

The Vuori Sunday Performance Shorts are comfy enough to be pajamas without looking like pajamas. He can wear them for his workout, on a hike, on the couch watching the game, or even out to lunch.

Relief from sore muscles

Image: Verma Farms

Verma Farms Mahalo Muscle Relief

Relief from a sore back, bad shoulder, or other ailments might be the best Father’s Day gift you can give. This muscle relief cream by Verma Farms contains CBD to help alleviate pain and inflammation and menthol to create a cooling effect. It rolls on, which means no mess and it’s easy to take on the go.

Need more Father’s Day gift ideas?

Check out this list of non-cheesy gifts for him and this list of gifts for people who like to cook.


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