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I Tried the Romper One Piece and It’s Pure Magic


Disclaimer: This piece reflects my honest feedback about the products mentioned. Even though POPFLEX and Blogilates are sister brands, this review features my own independent opinions. 

Finding the perfect swimsuit is like Cinderella and her glass slipper. You know it’s yours when it fits just right and is uniquely suited to your fashion sense. But sometimes swim shopping can make you feel more like Goldilocks; you try out tons of different options before you finally get it “just right” and are absolutely exhausted by the end of it.

My swim fairytale led me to the new (and highly anticipated) POPFLEX Swim Drop. Let me tell you, This swim set is fit for a queen! Keep reading to see how the story unfolds…

The Tragic Backstory

Like every fairytale, my swim story has a bit of a tragic past. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration… but let’s be real; everyone’s got their swim secret. In my case, I just always hated swim shopping and found it to be a bit embarrassing. I felt too hairy, too pale, too exposed. 

For so long, I could never find a suit to match my personal style. Even as I grew up, I didn’t necessarily gravitate towards the string bikinis in the mall, but I was afraid to look frumpy in the options that had more coverage. 

There was no in-between, no compromise, no “just right” option.

The Retro Drop Saves the Day

Like a knight in shining armor, POPFLEX came to save the summer! Their retro drop is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for; stylish, vintage-inspired silhouettes that are alluring yet not too revealing. They’re just the right amount of coverage. 

The Romper One Piece is a swimsuit that doesn’t feel like a swimsuit.

Love at First Sight

True love is real and I know this because when I first opened the package, I knew me and the Romper One Piece were meant to be. The color was a vivid striking blue that I knew would complement my eyes. The material was sturdy with its double lining, so I knew it wouldn’t start to get transparent after a few wash cycles. Plus, it was built for max comfort; it’s smooth to the touch and has the same anti-camel toe structure as the other POPFLEX products.

Since the POPFLEX Onesies are some of my favorite workout pieces (I love a unique gym fit), I was excited to see how I liked the romper. It’s kind of like a onesie but in swim form. How cool, right?! I was so eager to try it on and see firsthand what it looked like on my body.

Romper Royalty

I found that the romper is flexible when it comes to how it fits on your body, which means that it flatters so many different body types. It’s great to see a product that doesn’t just look good on one sort of person, but is truly versatile. 

My favorite feature is that this suit doesn’t scream beach only. You could absolutely wear it out to lunch at a poolside cafe or to a morning yoga session on the beach. It really is the most comfortable swimsuit I’ve ever owned, not just because of the soft but breathable fabric, but because it allows me to feel comfortable in my own body when I’m wearing it. 

While I’m between sizes, the romper does run pretty big. I’m usually between a small and a medium, but sized down and bought a small for this one! I highly recommend sizing down for this product.

Shop Romper One Piece

Fairytale Ending

I’m so excited to take this swimsuit on my next adventure! In conclusion, here are some of my final thoughts about the Romper One Piece.


The retro chic silhouette.

Extremely comfortable. 

Halter straps are adjustable and definitely long enough for taller beach babes!

Just the right amount of coverage. 


Versatility – wear to pre- and post- beach activities! 



Potentially interesting tan lines with the halter top (If you can’t tell from my photos, I don’t tan much anyways so this isn’t a problem for me).

No cups, but if you like a little extra padding you could easily sew some in.

Will definitely need help sunscreening your back because of the silhouette!

Would love to see some lighter and brighter color options!




What are your thoughts on the new POPFLEX swim items? What kinds of things would you like to see in a future lineup? Comment below!


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