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I Tested The Best Lululemon Dupes Amazon Has To Offer


Have no fear, as a fitness expert and an avid shopper, I have done my homework and I have tested the best Lululemon dupes that Amazon has to offer.   

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 30 years working as a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach. And I will admit I became a Lululemon fan even before Lululemon became all the rage. Their leggings and other apparel have amassed a very large fan base over the last two decades. But here’s the problem for their large fan base: it’s expensive. 

Yes, it’s fun to feel stylish and trendy in your athletic clothes, but is it worth spending lots of money for apparel that you are just going to sweat in? 

I will share with you all of the Lululemon look-alikes that I have found on Amazon and how they hold up (like our favorite lululemon align tank dupe). I have test driven them, I have sweat in them, traveled in them and worn them as everyday fashion. And I have all the details for you. Let me help you save some money while finding you the best and most fashionable athletic wear styles for a fraction of the cost. 

Use the links below to quickly navigate this guide:

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Bottoms

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Tops

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Accessories

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Men’s Clothes

Amazon Dupe for the Lululemon Scuba Quarter Zip

Here is the criteria I have used to rate the items:


Fabric and manufacturing quality (compared to Lululemon) 

Style and fit (compared to Lululemon) 

Overall satisfaction (I’m a tough customer)

All of the pieces I am going to suggest, I have washed all items many times (except the belt bag) and everything has held up to my standards in terms of quality, fabric and color.

Note: I do hang all of my workout clothes. I do not put them in the dryer.

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Bottoms

Colorfulkoala Women’s Buttery Soft High-Waisted Yoga Pants 

These are the 7/8 leggings WITH pockets

These are the Lululemon Align Leggings dupe. These might be the best leggings on Amazon in my opinion.

The fabric feels soft with decent compression and holds up. They have not pilled or faded. And they are the best squat-proof leggings.

I have personally sweat in them many times and washed them probably 50 times. They are highly rated by others also and deemed the best Lululemon Align Leggings dupe.

CRZ Yoga Women’s High-Waisted Butterluxe Leggings

These mimic the Lululemon Align leggings and they are very similar in feel to the ColorfulKoala. I have them in 2 colors, but there are lots to choose from. They pass the squat test and feel like butter. They also have a slight compression and wash well.

Another bonus is that the waistband does not over-hug the belly area! Great quality for a fraction of the price of Lululemon.

The Gym People Women’s Lightweight Joggers (with pockets)

Gym People Lightweight Joggers – these have become a staple when I travel!

A popular item in the Lululemon jogger category is the Lululemon Align joggers. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan: I feel like they give you a wedgie.

I had to return them after I bought them because I was self-conscious.

The Gym People joggers are the best Lululemon Align joggers dupe but without the aforementioned issue. I have them in two different colors (black and grey), and I wear them for workouts as well as everyday casual. More often than not I wear them as an everyday casual look.

BMJL Women’s High Waisted Running Shorts

I am in love with these; I have them in 5 colors! They are a true dupe for the Lululemon Track That short.

They have the thick elastic waistband, loose on the booty and good length of inseam (especially for us gals over 50). They have a side pocket that’s big enough to fit your phone or other belongings.

I wear these shorts for walking, workouts, pickleball, casual wear, and lounging at home. They have a little stretch and look great with a cropped top. They are very flattering to the waist.

CRZ YOGA Women’s Lightweight Mid-Rise Athletic Workout Shorts

These are the Lululemon Speed Up Short dupe. They are a mid-rise, good inseam length and great wicking fabric.

They have a comfortable liner and a zipper pocket on the waistband. I like these with my longer tanks. I have 6 colors of these amazing shorts.

CRZ YOGA Women’s High Waisted Athletic Skirt

This is the dupe for the Lululemon Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt. I love a skirt for pickleball, walking, and everyday fun. Lots of women wear it for golf and tennis too.

It has a waistband back zipper pocket & two side pockets hidden on the inner biker shorts, enough room to store your items, like a tennis or pickleball. The leg grip is perfect, not too tight. I have this in 4 colors.

CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling Biker Shorts

Me – wearing the 6 ” and Trainer Sam Cameranesi wearing the 4″

These are a dupe for the Lululemon Align Biker Shorts. They come in 4”/ 5”/ 6”/ 8”/ 10” inseams.

I have the 6-inch inseam and it’s perfect for me at 5’5”.  Another GHU team member, Sam, likes the 4 -inch inseam (pictured left). They have a stash pocket and are buttery soft. They are high-waisted which is my favorite. 


Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Tops

Queenieke Women’s Slim Fit Jacket

This is the Lululemon Define Jacket dupe. I actually like it better and I have it in 3 colors.

The sleeves are not as long as the Lululemon sleeves which are ridiculously long. It fits just like the Define jacket, giving you a nice waist silhouette. I love the fabric and the thumb holes.

I wear it for walking, but I also wear it for fashion to and from the gym and even to run errands. It’s so cute.

CRZ Yoga Women’s Strappy Sports Bra

My favorite sports bra – Amazon Look Alike for the Lululemon Sports Bra

This is the Lululemon Energy Bra dupe. The Energy bra has always been my favorite bra because it gives good support compared to other strappy bras but it’s pricey which is why I was so happy to find this dupe at a fraction of the cost.

It’s great quality and has lots of colors. I love the faux leather fabric too. 

This is by far my favorite sports bra: the buttery soft fabric is fabulous.

The Gym People Women’s Long Line Sports Bra

We have found the best Lululemon Align tank dupe on amazon. It’s super highly rated, great for medium and high impact activities and the sweat-wicking fabric is amazing.

You can also remove the bra cups.

It’s the perfect length if you like a little crop and it comes in a whole ton of colors (I have 2). 

Amazon for the win with this lululemon align tank dupe!

CRZ Yoga Women’s Lightweight Racerback Tank Top

This is the Lululemon Train To Be Tank dupe. It has a high neck, which is my favorite style when it comes to workout tops and it’s a loose fit so it doesn’t hug the muffin top.

The fabric is soft but also sweat-wicking. I’ve actually worn this with jeans, but I work out in it a lot. I have 3 colors; I just hope they add some brighter colors soon. 

LASLULU Womens Fleece Lined ½ Zip Hoodie

This is the dupe for the Lululemon Scuba ½ Zip Hoodie. It’s become my favorite of all time. I actually like it better than the Lulu version because the fabric is softer and less stiff.

I feel like the Lulu one makes me look a little too much like a football player. It is cropped a bit so if you want to make it look longer, then you’ll want to wear a longer tank underneath. I have to stop buying this; I have 4 colors.

CRZ YOGA Women’s Athletic Long Sleeves Shirt 

Tighter Fighting Long Sleeve

This is a Lululemon Swiftly Long Sleeve Shirt dupe. It has a nice flattering fit that is excellent for yoga, running, walking, or just to and from the gym.

It is sweat wicking if you want to wear it for that. I wear it under vests and on cooler days.

If you like a looser fit long sleeve – you’ll want to try this one!

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Accessories

OVILUP Women Fleece Belt Bag Sherpa Fanny Pack


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12/22/2022 08:03 pm GMT

OVILUP Women’s Fleece Belt Bag Sherpa Fanny Pack

This is an amazing Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag dupe. This bag has become cult-like amongst young people.

But there is no age limit; I wear mine all the time! The over-one-shoulder look is my favorite, but I also wear it like a fanny pack.

Sherpa is super in right now and these are identical to the Lululemon bag, but a better price tag.

Lululemon Amazon Dupes: Men’s Clothes

CRZ Yoga Men’s Stretch Golf Pants

These are the amazon dupe for the Lululemon ABC pants. They look great in both a casual and professional setting. They are breathable, sweat-wicking, and have 4-way stretch fabric for comfort and mobility.

A hidden zipper pocket fits credit cards or keys. They have a straight leg and sit below the waist.

My husband and boys love them for golf, and also wear them with a sport coat to work.

CRZ YOGA Men’s Linerless Workout Shorts

These are the Lululemon T.H.E. Linerless Short dupe.

These are lightweight for working out or can work for everyday. Good size pockets and wide waistband with drawstring. Breathable fabric in both 7”/9” inseams. 

CRZ YOGA Men’s Workout Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This is the amazon dupe for the Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt. This CRZ workout shirt is loose-fitting, stretchy, and quick-drying. 

CRZ Yoga Men’s Short Sleeve, Golf Polo Shirt

My husband and boys have loved the Lululemon stretch polo golf shirts for years and now we found the dupe.

It’s soft, breathable, has sweat-wicking fabric and fits the same as Lululemon but the price tag is way better!!

Shop My Amazon Storefront For More Lululemon Look-Alikes

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