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‘HIIT’ The Gym With This Best of 2022 Playlist


Get ready, because this 2022 TikTok HIITs Playlist is going to take your workout to another level.

In this ‘best of 2022’ playlist, we’ve gathered our favorite TikTok songs that got stuck in our heads all year (plus a few 2021 faves stuck with us) to make your fitness journey even more fun.

We guarantee you’ll love these songs, but can’t guarantee you won’t stop your workout to bust out a viral dance. So get ready to “HIIT” the gym and smash your workout!

Psssst. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you! You can listen to these hits while doing the workouts from the December 2022 Workout Calendar!

Find our Best of 2022 Playlist on Spotify!

Or just listen here!

What playlist do you want to see next?!

Let us know in the comments! If you’re loving this playlist, check out our Y2K Workout Playlist too.

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