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Feeling Like Cinderella at the Unforgettable Gala!!


Hey guys!

Omg omg I FINALLY got to wear the dress I was supposed to wear to the Streamy’s! Recap: I got sick and couldn’t go and was sooo sad. But…. HERE SHE IS.

Dress is The–Bar shoes @bcbgmaxazria, hair and makeup @bysoreya and earrings/gloves are Amazon!


It’s giving Cinderella. (But like for real tho bc when I got home after midnight I found Sir George’s and unidentified substances all over my rugs and poof chairs so I stayed up til 4am scrubbing!)

Usually I get maj social anxiety attending events with lots of very important people (I don’t know why I suddenly allow myself to feel intimidated and unworthy) but this year was different. 2022 has truly been a year of me stepping into my purpose, fully. I feel like I’m finally getting to do the thing I was born to do. I’m happy inside. I’m happy outside. Everyday is a new challenge but I’m beyond grateful that I get to tackle it with people that I care so much about and who I can feel care about me, Sam, and our lil BlogiFam too.

And the love shows.

2022 has been a record breaking year for POPFLEX.

I’m nervous but excited to head into 2023 because I’m scared I can’t one up myself again. For someone who lets her achievements and productivity dictate her self worth (still working on this, I know) I feel the PRESSURE. But you know what they say, pressure creates diamonds, right!?

Anyway, here are some pics of me and friends at last night’s Unforgettable Gala, the Asian American Awards!

Sam being the best hubs and taking the best bts pics!

A Hollywood waves appreciation shot.

A mini train appreciation shot.

 Me and Chloe Kim’s photo sesh post-bonding over Crème brûlées

With ICONSSSS Michelle Phan and Bretman Rock

Sam being so over red carpet couple photos. But like, we didn’t even get a good one so here’s the best one

Mandatory bathroom mirror selfie. Also peep those waves. I can’t get over it.


Ok that’s all for now!

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