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Designs That Died: Part 3


Hey guys!

Sometimes I miss. Here are those times


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First, wide-legged pants.

After I debuted the first POPFLEX sweatpants, a lot of you requested that I design a wide-legged option. I was here for it! But then… I tried on the sample.

Omg. I couldn’t stop laughing.

On one hand, I kind of liked them. They were definitely comfy! But on the other hand, they were kind of giving JNCO Jeans. And they bowed out really awkwardly, which made me look like one of those circus people on stilts.

And then…the Cloud Hoodie dress

I’m not giving up on making a Cloud Hoodie dress! And this one was an upgrade from last time! But it’s still not “the one.”

First of all, it’s not comfortable. The waistband is just soooo tight! And then the skirt just kind of hangs there, with a pouch. It’s awkward and not cute. So…dead.

Back to the drawing board!

There’s a lot of failure in the design process, but that’s normal and when you finally get it right, IT FEELS SO GOOD.

So what do you think? Rightfully killed or should we bring these back from the dead?


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