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Chasing waterfalls in Switzerland 🇨🇭


Somehow fit in a Switzerland trip between a crazy photoshoot, a few product launches, moving out of our old office, and prepping for our annual company retreat this coming Monday…am I tired? Yes. But we made the choice to live this life and I’m grateful for it every day.

Youtube invited Sam and I to their Zurich HQ to consult the engineers and designers on how to make a better product for creators, so it was firstly a work trip but we managed to squeeze in a little extra time to explore this charming country! We even got in a little fight about HOW MUCH exploration we could do in one day. But don’t worry, all is resolved…because we ended up doing what I wanted .


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I always feel so lucky that we get to travel together for work and experience new places as a couple! But also, if I didn’t have Sam I’d be showing up at airports on the wrong days (yes it’s happened), missing flights while literally sitting at the gate (yeah that’s happened too), and getting caught by the authorities (soooo on this trip I jumped on a train thinking I had paid the fare and Sam wanted to check my ticket to make sure I did but I didn’t let him bc INDEPENDENT WOMAN and then when the ticket checkers went around I got in trouble…SO YAH I WAS WARNED AND IT STILL HAPPENED.)

Switzerland exploration recap!

Okay here are the highlights!

The power of the Rhine Falls

I saw a video of this platform next to Rhine Falls and knew we HAD to find it. I needed to feel the power!

Riding the gondola to toboggan at Mt. Pilatus and seeing the Lucerne cows

A lil scary going up but totally worth it!


Visiting Lauterbrunnen to see a town in the Swiss Alps with a dramatic waterfall backdrop

Literally a fairytale town.


Old Town Zurich

I cannot get over these natural water colors omg!


Alright now time to head back bc it’s about to be retreat time!

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