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A strapless bikini top that won’t fall off?!


Hey guys!

A strapless bikini top that doesn’t fall off??


I’ve had NUMEROUS occasions where my bikini has come totally undone while going down a slide, while diving, while snorkeling, while swimming or just by being hit by a wave! And the terrible part is that some of these bikinis actually had straps .

So, it’s time to make an anti-slip strapless bikini top happen. It took 2 years to develop but we’re here! We’re FINALLY here! And here’s how it works:


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Sandbar Strapless

Dual layer inner shelf bra helps keep your bbs in place
Faux boning on sides for structure and to help keep the fabric from rolling off your body
Corset-inspired lace-up back for infinite adjustable (tighten until you feel secure)
Removable straps that you can wear multiple ways
Removable pads (if you don’t need the extra padding, go ahead and remove it bc all the layers will cover the nipplage)

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I’m wearing the S! If you’re afraid your bbs may need extra coverage, go ahead and size up by one.

I hope you love this top! It’s seriously my favorite for tanning and for being active!

Also thank you for all the love on my first ever swim launch!

This was an experiment for me and I wasn’t sure if this could be a forever category but looks like it will be . So many things have sold out already and unfortunately won’t be back til next summer. Think of it as POPFLEX’s yearly McRib drop .




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