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8 Exercises That Target Your Lower Belly Pooch


If you’re ready to say goodbye to lower belly fat, doing endless sit-ups isn’t the answer! Unfortunately, you can’t spot-reduce belly fat. It takes a healthy diet, including plenty of protein and fiber (and water!), less sugary foods, exercise, and better sleep.

Of course, adding in some lower belly exercises is a great start! Sculpting those muscles underneath is an effective way to minimize unwanted belly fat.

Here are 8 lower-ab exercises to target that pesky lower-belly pooch. All you need is 16 minutes!


Perform each of these moves for 1 minute.

Take a 1-minute rest afterward—then start from the beginning and do another 1 minute for each move.

Do this workout 2-3 times per week for the best results!

1. Oblique Burners

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How to perform oblique burners:

Stand with feet a little wider than hip-distance apart, knees bent, and hands held behind the back of your head.

Bend to the right, reaching right hand toward the floor behind your leg. Keep spine long.

Return to center and repeat on the left side.

2. Froggy Crunches

Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

How to perform froggy crunches:

Start lying on the mat with fingers at the base of your head and elbows pointed out. Bring the soles of your feet together, knees pointed outward.

Tilt your chin slightly forward and squeeze abdominals to lift your chest upward. Keep arms and neck relaxed. Slowly lower down and repeat.

3. Side Plank Lift and Lower

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How to perform side plank lift and lowers:

Start by laying on your right side with forearm below shoulder, body lifted and legs long, and feet stacked. Keep body straight, abs tight, and place left hand on hip.

Dip your hips down towards the mat and lift back up, using your obliques and core muscles.

4. Sweeping Scissors

Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

How to perform sweeping scissors:

Start lying on the mat with arms over your head and legs long.

Sweep arms out to sides and bring head, neck, and shoulders off the mat reaching arms long and lifting one leg up and in towards the chest. Reaching arms forward on the sides of the leg. Rollback to mat lowering the leg, and repeat on the other side.

5. Ab Reverse Curl

Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

How to perform ab reverse curls:

Lie on the mat and extend your legs straight up towards the ceiling.

As you exhale, tighten your low belly to push your feet straight into the air. Hips will lift slightly off the mat.

Return your hips and lower back to the mat with control. Use your abdominals vs. momentum to create the movement and avoid rolling onto the neck.

6. Plank Jacks

Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

How to perform plank jacks:

Begin in a forearm plank position with your body in a straight line and abdominals contracted.

Step your left foot out to the left; step your right foot out to the center.

Step your left foot back to center; step your right foot back to the center.

7. Bird Dog Crunch

Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

How to perform bird dog crunches:

Kneel on the mat on all fours. Reach one arm long, draw in the abs, and extend the opposite leg long behind you.

Bring the elbow and knee in towards your center as you round your back remember to draw in your abs. repeat on another side.

8. Full Body Roll-Up

Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

How to perform a full body roll-up:

Start lying on mat with arms extended overhead, legs long, and feet flexed.

Inhale as you lift arms up and begin curling chin and chest forward. Exhale as you roll the entire torso up and over legs keeping abs engaged and reaching for toes.

Inhale as you begin rolling your spine back down one vertebra at a time and exhale as the upper portion of the back lower and arms reach pack overhead. 

Repeat moving slowly and using the abdominals to lift and lower, not momentum.

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