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5 Brands To Feed Your Houseplant Obsession


I feel like my favorite form of retail shopping is plants. Whenever we have people visiting my impulse is to run to the store and buy new houseplants. Anyone else??

So while I loved buying plants, keeping them alive was a whole other story. And let me tell you it showed, there was a whole side of my house that was a graveyard of fiddle leaf trees (and even succulents… I know ) that didn’t quite made it through the aftermath of my purchasing impulses.

My lack of a green thumb meant a short-lived shot of dopamine before they died 2 weeks later from under or over-exposure to sunlight, or because I forgot to water them (in my defense, I also have a 3-year-old who I had to keep hydrated too, ok?). Could you tell I was talking in the past tense? Wellllll, because a big reason for my failure was really a lack of (any) understanding of types of plants and what each one needed.

When I started doing more research online, I was thrilled to find out that I could actually buy plants online that were suited for my house and my personality (read: neglect). I learned important things about:

Watering needs and schedule. There is even a brand that has a self-watering system, Easyplant.
Time of year


There are so many brands out there doing the lord’s work, helping newbies like me make their homes a green oasis. It was hard to pick my favorites… but here they are!

My favorite places to buy houseplants.

Shop, and sit back and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep. Oh, these houseplants also make lovely gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, house-warmings or a “just because” for your bestie.

Let’s dive in.

The Bouqs Co

You may know this brand from their stunning florals, but what you may not know is that they deliver houseplants straight to your doorstep too. I love Bouqs especially because they work with local partners to source their florals, so you’re getting fresh plants (but also supporting small businesses — we love that!).  Whether it’s a tropical orchid, a desert succulent, or something else, plants bring life to any space.

Shop Bouqs



So part of the reason I struggle to keep my house plants alive is the watering. Like… you have to water them every day? That’s a lot to remember. But with Easyplant they technically water themselves, with their innovative pots. It only gives them the water they need when they need it (you just have to remember to fill it up… but less often).

Shop Easyplant




I love that Bloomscape has a whole section for low-maintenance plants, it’s like they are speaking to me. But you can also search by lighting requirements etc, I used to live in a townhouse so windows were hard to come by — this would have been a great solution!

Shop Bloomscape




Plant subscriptions? Say less. I am a sucker for little subscription boxes that feel like a treat for yourself every month. They also do non-subscription house plants, like their Order a Jungle box which starts from $70 for 5 plants. So I will be ordering that before company arrives for the foreseeable future.

Shop Plant Subscriptions



If you love orchids, no one does it better than Westerlay! This family-run business based in California ships worldwide (and you may recognize them from your local grocery store!). While they only have several single orchid options to buy, you know you’re getting the cream of the crop.

Shop Westerlay




And listen if you aren’t a houseplant girl, or want to up the game in your backyard foliage there are direct shipping options for you too! My fav is Burpee Gardening because they literally ship you plants at the perfect planting time for your gardening zone. That’s the level of support I need from a brand given my current plant survival report card.

My 3-year old’s face was literally me when I kept my first plant alive longer than a month  →

So moral of the story is if you love buying new plants as much as I do and also maybe have a plant graveyard in your backyard, there is hope. What I figured out I needed was really low-maintenance houseplants that had the resiliency to last. I’ve (evidently) been obsessed with snake plants late with a few monsteras. What’s your go-to plant?


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